Miriam KulickI was always a friendly kid. When I was young, my sister, and parents, along with a slew of relatives and close friends, would descend upon the Beach & Tennis Club in Mt. Vernon, New York. My mom would tell me that I would go up to strangers, stick my face in front of them, and say, “Hello.” 

Of course, nowadays life has changed a bit, but I like to think, for the most part, I am still a people person, who wants others to feel included.

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Acting Intensive

I’m so excited to be offering my first Acting Intensive in Atlanta in February. Touching The Bases – from Movement to On-Camera. If you’re in Atlanta, I’d love to have you in class. Check out my short video & flyer below:

Kevin Hart

What fun, I got to shoot a scene with Kevin Hart in Night School. The cast, crew, and director were great; warm and welcoming.