About Me

I was always a friendly kid. When I was young, my sister, and parents, along with a slew of relatives and close friends, would descend upon the Beach & Tennis Club in Mt. Vernon, New York. My mom would tell me that I would go up to strangers, stick my face in front of them, and say, “Hello.” 

Of course, nowadays life has changed a bit, but I like to think, for the most part, I am still a people person, who wants others to feel included. 

So I guess on some level, I can translate that to why I’m drawn to acting. I not only relish the emotional connection for myself, but in my inherent desire to bring people along for the ride. And staying in that vein, I want to share with you that I was born and raised in downtown Manhattan. 

Despite the allure of roller skates and monkey bars, I played the lead in the 5th grade play. Many years later, I found myself living and dancing in Northern California, while graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in liberal studies and a minor in psychology. However, I moved back to New York where I continued training in modern dance and ballet, while performing with a variety of professional dance companies. 

Crossing the Atlantic and spending an exciting year in Italy and London, teaching aerobics and dance was amazing. The next year found me back home, again, on the East Coast where I performed and studied acting in New York, mainly at the Terry Schreiber Studio, where I have had the honor of teaching in their Summer Intensive program, as well as the Acting School of South Florida.  

I remember the thrill of participating in the Nelson Mandela ticker-tape parade, with Ralph Lee and The Mettawee River Theatre Company, to celebrate his long overdue release from prison. I could always count on something interesting happening in New York. It was there that I hit the trifecta: schooling, career, and love. I met and married my husband, Barry Kulick, who segued from a well-known and respected guitar maker, to a well-known and respected marine life photographer. We moved to Miami, Florida where our wonderful son Alexander was born. He graduated from Tulane University and currently lives and works in northern California. While he continues to thrive in his biomedical engineering field, I continue to thrive by working, living, and traveling between NY, Atlanta, and Florida, doing what I love:  acting, writing, and teaching.


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Enjoying the view with my husband, Barry.
With my son, Alexander.