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Acting Teacher Resume



To provide a professional, safe, nurturing, and enjoyable environment for all students; actors and non-actors alike, where one takes risks, learns how to let go of their preconceptions, fears, and emotions, and explores his or her potential for self-expression and self-esteem.

Terry Schreiber Studio New York, NY
Course work: Technique and scene study, monologue, sense memory, vocal production
Instructors: Gloria Maddox, Terry Schreiber, Lynn Singer

Michael Howard Studio New York, NY
Course work: Improvisation (Keith Johnstone, Viola Spolin based)
Instructor: Gloria Maddox

Warren Roberston Studio/Nancy Gabor independent New York, NY
Course work: Technique and scene study, Tennessee Williams Intensive, Grotowski exercises
Instructor: Nancy Gabor

Voice/Speech/Singing Instructors New York, NY
Lynn Singer, David Farkus, Robbee McCauley, Joan Lader

Professional modern dancer and performer.
Main teachers: Ruth Currier, Rebecca Kelly (modern), Janet Panetta, Jocelyn Lorenz, Lianne Plane (ballet), Lynn Simonson (jazz)


ACTING - New York:

Lucid Body Fay Simpson- Writing From the Gut

Action Theatre- Ruth Zaporah

Ensemble Studio Theatre - Curt Dempster (acting, directing), Kristen Ames (solo show)

Improv Retreat: Gary Austin (Groundlings), Michael Gellman, David Razowsky (Second City), Kenny Raskin (Clowning), Carol Fox Prescott (Acting)

Stella Adler Studio: Shakespeare, Movement

SITI Company: Suzuki and Viewpoints (LA)

DANCE: Laban Institute of Movement Studies (NY)

Stillpoint Studio: Dance therapy (Palo Alto, CA)

San Jose State University graduated BA in Liberal Studies, minor in Psychology.

Swedish Institute of Massage New York City License# 002735

2014 - Present: Terry Schreiber Studio New York, NY
Summer Intensive Program

1999 - 2015: The Acting School of South Florida, Hollywood, FL
The major emphasis in all of my classes is on exploring and enhancing the physical and emotional commitment of the actor. By experiencing a variety of exercise and scene work, the actor learns how to trust his/her impulses, release physical and emotional tension, thereby allowing them to let go of their ”safe zones”. By creating a nurturing environment, we concentrate on incorporating and blending one’s own personal life with the character’s, while still maintaining integrity, believability, and truth to the acting process.

The conservatory program lays a foundation for students by offering a progression of classes taught in tandem with other faculty members. Theories, philosophies, and techniques I incorporate and am inspired by include; the teachings of: Constantin Stanislavski, Lee Strasburg, Bobby Lewis, Uta Hagan, Sanford Meisner, Keith Johnstone, and Viola Spolin.

My curriculum begins with:
Movement for Actors - Through rigorous physical exercise, creative movement vocabulary, improvisation, relaxation, body alignment, breathing, grounding, and centering exercises, actors learn how to release tension, increase flexibility and coordination, expand their character choices, and explore new ways to express text through the use of movement, sound, music, art, and imagery. This class culminates in a twenty-minute solo movement/theatre piece. The physical commitment of the actor is emphasized.

Discovery and Awareness - The emotional commitment of the actor is stressed. A combination of individual exercises in sense and emotional memory, song, parallel dialogue, childhood monologue with memorized text, among others, is explored. Personalization and substitution is incorporated on a deeper level.

Scene Study - Contemporary and classical scenes are explored with emphasis on the emotional commitment of the actor/character. Actors are given specific types of roles that encourage them to be challenged in areas where they need to stretch their craft. Sound, movement, and various exercises are used to further the actors’ imagination, trust, and risk taking.

Private Moment and Risk - This class ends the progression of studies. Mask work is also included. These two separate individual twenty - “ thirty minute exercises are given to further challenge the actor in allowing the actor to be seen and to take risks.

March 2007 WHDT “The Breakfast Club”
Taught a thirty minute segment of my Stress Reduction/Freeing the Self Workshop. This segment was broadcasted live on High Definition television from Florida to Boston.

March/April 2007 Pridelines Youth Services Miami, FL
Director and facilitator for a grant project that dealt with “Coming Out/Staying In” stories, written and performed by gay/lesbian youth. We met once a week for eight weeks and culminated the class with a performance piece for the public.
Purpose and design of workshop: Self-esteem and team building, mutual respect, communication and listening skills, interpersonal relationships, self-expression, and risk-taking. For more details please go to Pridelines section.

July 2006 - Present: Communication Workshops
Communication Workshops for the non-actor. This three-hour workshop introduces the lay- person to basic acting techniques specifically designed to promote a sense of relaxation, confidence, and spontaneity in one’s own personal life. Creates an atmosphere of communication, openness, and emotional connection within themselves and each other. This lays the groundwork for individual’s to begin to further explore their own creative and unique journey with a sense of ease and freedom. These workshops are offered throughout the United States and abroad. Please see attached flyer.
Private coaching is available to actors, non-actors, and corporations.

2006 - 2008 Square Peg Productions Miami, FL
Co-founder of a theatre company. Duties involve producing, marketing, public relations, telephone sales, reading and solicitation of scripts.

2003 - 2006 The Women’s Theatre Project Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Vice-President. Duties involved heading the Artistic Steering Committee; reading, organizing, and solicitation of scripts, organizing fund-raising events, set building, telephone and box office sales, marketing and public relations.

1992 Little Palm Theatre, Boca Raton, FL
Acting teacher for children ages 6 thru 14 at the Miccosukee Indian Reservation.

1986 - 1988 International Foundation School for Arts & Culture, United Nations
NY Substitute teacher, creative movement for children ages 5 thru 8 years.

1982 - 1989 Kimetics, Inc. New York, NY
Fitness instructor, emphasis in body awareness and alignment.

1984 - Body’s Ltd. London, England
Aerobics instructor

1993 - 1994 Aerobic Center Florence, Milan, Piacenza, Italy
Aerobics instructor.

1980 - 1983 East River Tennis Club and Sports Fitness Center L.I.C., New York
Director of fitness center. Evaluation program coordinator.

Referrals available upon request.

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