“Being involved in these classes gave me a sense of empowerment. Miriam helped me to learn about me, which gave me a sense of peace. After each class I felt a quiet calmness. I wish I had Miriam each morning to help me start my day.”
- Staci Katz, conservatory student

“Miriam’s gift is for enabling the actor to access the true raw emotions buried beneath the surface, so that they can be fully and authentically applied to the acting process.”
- Aki Miura, conservatory student

“I was a person locked within myself, Miriam provided me the key to my personal freedom.”
- Sharon Raye, conservatory student

“Taking classes with Miriam has really opened me up, both emotionally and physically. A personal weakness of mine is always, “playing it safe”, and being afraid to take risks. However, Miriam’s class challenged me to break comfort zones and just let go.”
- Phoebe Schaubhat, conservatory student

“I find that I am constantly drawing on the techniques that I learned from Miriam. The value of the relaxation techniques alone, made her classes worthwhile. Plus, we laughed a lot too!”
- Doug Williford, conservatory student and Artistic Director of Lavender Footlights Inc.

“Miriam Kulick’s workshops are hilariously fun and invigorating to the mind and body … but it’s the soul of her work that is so inspiring and leaves such an impact on all who participate. Miriam’s electrifying energy and passion for her work seems to seep through her pores, and it’s not until you’ve experienced her unique approach that you can fully understand what’s hiding below the surface. Her workshops somehow bring that out and by the time her class is over, you feel free and cleansed in a way you didn’t even know you needed… she is the BOMB!”
- Tammi Leader Fuller, Director Camp Bombshell of Miami Bombshells

“Thank you ever so much for providing me with an awesome day of “de-stressing”. Although I attended two of your sessions at our awesome “Camp Bombshell” weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it, I did not know what to expect for today’s workshop. What I experienced was a sense of relaxation, inner peace, and a much needed insight into my own feelings that I did not even know I had. The possibilities are endless. Thank you for your spirit.”
- Marlene Lieber, long term care administrator

“I don’t know how to thank you Miriam. Your workshop at Camp Bombshell was AMAZING!! I was bottling up so many feelings, and believe it or not, I haven’t been able to cry for a long time. My first session with Miriam, brought out so many emotions and for the first time in a long time I found myself crying, and it felt GREAT!!!”
- Gitta Birn, Director of Sales